How To Write A Compare And Contrast Essay Step-By-Step

During your academic career, you are engaged with different types of writing tasks with different requirements. Compare and contrast essay is one of the academic task__This task of writing becomes easy when you understand the meaning of compare and contrast. As the name defines the meaning on its own.


Compare in an essay shows similar components and contrast shows components that are different. So it simply shows that this type of essay involves two main subjects__Each subject connects in a meaningful way and shows one is better than the other.

Here is a guide for writing a compare and contrast essay simply and easily. So, let’s begin.

What Is A Compare And Contrast Essay?

Compare and contrast essay is also known as a comparison essay which means to examine similarities and differences of two objects. It is the most widely used term in universities where teachers assign you a task to compare and contrast two theories or two case studies etc. This depends on the title of the essay.

The main goal of this essay is to bring some new ideas in existing subjects and answer why one is better than the other. Like you can consider a daily life example, you go to buy a car and get confused about which one to buy!. Now you compare and contrast two different cars with each other and are ready to purchase the best one.

Purpose Of Compare And Contrast Essay

The purpose of writing this type of essay is to bring together two main objects in the same paper. The essay shows that both objects cover detailed information of thesis statements and topic sentences. It requires in-depth thinking and descriptive writing to compare two main subjects. A well-written compare and contrast essay provides information about current situations, events, travel destinations, and political scenarios.

Moreover, the main purpose of the compare and contrast essay is ;

  • To show how one subject is better in some ways than another.
  • To show how two dissimilar subjects are similar.
  • To bring two subjects into a sharper focus.
  • To bring a new way of viewing something.

Features Of Compare And Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay is a form of essay that notes down the similarities and differences between two subjects. The essay aims to clear the concepts of readers and assure them how things look similar in particular ways. Moreover, a good compare and contrast essay focuses on bringing some new ideas.

The features of a Compare and Contrast essay include

  • Tells the reader about the nature of the chosen subjects.
  • Makes a statement that can be debatable.
  • Helps the reader to understand the structure of the essay.

How To Begin A Compare And Contrast Essay

When writing a compare and contrast essay the first thing writers consider is how to start an essay with proper structure and planning. Planning is as important as your essay. Meanwhile! A good essay must have a clear opening paragraph and complete writing steps.

Follow these steps for writing an interesting story for your compare and contrast essay.

  • Choose A Subject

    The first step in drafting an essay is to select two subjects__Subjects must be of the same category. Confirm your main subjects have few similarities and few differences, that make them belong to the same categories. For example, two students of the same class can be chosen to highlight the similarities and differences between them.

  • Brainstorming With A Venn Diagram

    For writing a best compare and contrast essay it is required to perform a high level of analysis. Recall your ideas and make a big picture of your essay paper. A venn diagram is the shortest way of brainstorming your ideas. It helps to gather all similarities on one side and differences on the other side.

  • Make An Argument About The Thesis Statement

    A perfect essay must have a well-written thesis statement that shows all the similarities and differences of your chosen essay topic. This is a prewriting process that helps you to develop perfect thesis statements for making an argument for your essay topic.

  • Decide The Structure

    The structure of an essay plays an important role in writing a compare and contrast essay. As there are different structures available for writing, the most common structure used for compare and contrast essays is a point-by-point arrangement as well as a block structure.

  • Create An Essay Outline

    It is the main step in writing, comparing and contrasting essays. An essay outline divides the whole information into parts so that readers easily understand the purpose of the essay. A compare and contrast essay outline has the following three main parts.


    • The mentioning of the main topic
    • Specific subjects to compare and contrast
    • Thesis statement

      Main Body

    • Supporting detail.
    • Similarities
    • Differences
    • Summary of main points
    • Evaluation
    • Significance
  • Provide Supportive Material

    As you know, to compare and contrast essays requires evidence to back up your point of view. So, mention real-life examples as well as facts and figures to support your information.

  • Use Transitional Words

    Transition words give a flow to your essay. Words are similar, however, whereas all are transition words. Following are the words for completing compare and contrast essays.

    Compare Contrast
    Similarly In contrast…
    Also However
    Likewise While
    To compare Whereas
    To be the same as In comparison
    Just like But
    Not only On the other hand
  • Proofread and Edit

    Once your essay is complete, proofread your essay to check out mistakes in structure, format, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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How To Conclude A Compare And Contrast Essay

For a unique essay, there must be a unique conclusion. A conclusion paragraph summarizes your whole compare and contrast essay topic in a precise way and gives you a chance to share any final insights of your essay paper. Make an effective conclusion with powerful words that sum up the whole essay.

  • While writing a compare and contrast essay, you must follow the following steps.
  • Use the strategies of cohesion to develop links between the thesis statement and the main paragraphs.
  • Applies strategies to write a general summary of the essay.
  • State the significance of the essay.
  • Short evaluation of future developments.

A compare and contrast essay is a type of essay that is used to compare two or more items. These items can be anything from two different books to two different people. The goal of a compare and contrast essay is to find the similarities and differences between the two items. Compare and contrast essays can be difficult to write, but with a little bit of practice, they can be easy.

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