How To Write A Compare And Contrast Essay Outline

Compare and contrast essay is a common type of essay writing often assigned during the academic career. High school and college students are more likely to accept this type of assignment__As their job is to compare all similarities and contrast all differences between two particular subjects.


This type of essay is based on the prewriting process in which the writer's job is to examine things and write something unique and different. The whole essay is based on a strong planning phase. If the planning is strong and with proper facts/figures readers get easily attracted to your essay.

Making a solid outline is one step in the essay’s success. Continue reading the blog to know__how to write a perfect outline for your compare and contrast essay.

Purpose Of Compare And Contrast Essay Outline

The essay outline is used to organize and manage all information in a precise and accurate manner. The information an individual gathers will need a proper outline to be presented in front of readers. Without a meaningful outline, the information you present will make no sense.

Here are some logical reasons why you should give a proper outline to your essay:

  • A compare and contrast essay outline shows efficiency in writing.
  • All the ideas are presented in a systematic order.
  • An outline helps students to earn better grades.
  • It arranges your thoughts and saves your time while drafting an essay.
  • An outline serves as a checklist for your essay.
  • It keeps the writer focused on the main argument.

Compare And Contrast Essay Outline Format

When writing a compare and contrast essay outline, writers gather information in the form of a venn diagram and simply analyze the similarities and differences between the selected topic. The information needs a proper outline for parenting in a formal way.So you must have a guide for step-by-step compare and contrast essay.

The essay uses the same standard essay outline as for other types of essays. A standard outline has these three common components:

  1. Introduction
  2. Main Body
  3. Conclusion

Without any delay, let’s begin the following steps in comparing and contrasting the essay outline.

Introduction Of Compare And Contrast Essay

The compare and contrast essay outline always starts with unique introduction lines. It gives the writer a chance to attract readers to their essay. So your introduction paragraph must carry the following steps:

  • Hook Statement

    Start your introduction with an engaging hook statement. The hook is any popular statement that grabs the reader’s attention. It is in the form of famous quotes, dialogues, or interesting statements that engage the reader to read further.

  • Purpose

    There is always a purpose behind every writing. When your purpose is not clear your essay will not convey any meaning. For a strong essay, your purpose is clearly defined and tells the reader what is the reason behind choosing the selected topic.

  • Thesis Statement

    A thesis statement is an argument on which writers introduce the topic. It shows the whole picture of writers' thoughts and imaginations in paragraphs.

Compare and Contrast Essay Main Body Paragraphs

The main body is a paragraph that briefly explains your story. All the paragraphs must focus on one solid proof with sufficient supportive details. A compare and contrast essay main body session contains two methods of writing:

  • Point By Point Compare And Contrast Essay

    It is a pattern that explains the features of each subject one by one. If you are using the point-by-point method, organize your paragraph in the following way

    • Start with a Topic Sentence: Your first sentence should introduce both topics to your reader and state the main point of the paragraph.
    • Compare/Contrast by Point: Your paragraph will discuss each of the main points of both topics.
  • Block Method Compare And Contrast Essay

    The Block Method presents all arguments related to one subject and then compares and/or contrasts them to all arguments related to other subjects. Meanwhile, writers explain the subjects individually.

    Example Of Block Method & Point By Point Method Of Compare & Contrast Essay

Conclusion Of Compare And Contrast Essay

A conclusion paragraph is the most important part of your essay__it sums up the whole compare and contrast essay topics and strongly affects the reader's mind.

  • Restate the main idea

    Write down the complete main idea of your compare and contrast essay in precise form. It becomes easy for the reader to understand the central idea of the story in a short time.

  • Summarize three main points

    In conclusion, write down the summary of your venn diagram and explain all main thesis parts to make your argument strong. Show your reader how things are similar in some prospectuses and different in other prospects.

  • End On A High Note

    For the closing paragraph write some interesting lines and some interesting quotes or some suggestions for readers

A compare and contrast essay outline is a helpful tool when writing your comparative essays. It helps you organize your thoughts and ideas, and makes it easier to write your essay. There are a few different ways to format your essay, but the most important thing is to make sure it is well organized and flows well. Hopefully now you are clear about what to include in an effective outline after reading the article.

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