Which Statement Best Describes The Introduction Of An Argumentative Essay

Everyone has written an argumentative essay at least once in their academic life. But the problem arises when it comes to deciding on a statement for the introduction


An introduction is one of the main and opening sections of an essay. It grabs the readers' attention and excites their interest to read further. It gives a roadmap or a direction for a complete essay. It presents your stance on the topic in the essay.

The introduction paragraph is divided into three basic sections;

  1. A Hook sentence at the beginning of the introduction paragraph.
  2. Basic Information or background of your study that makes the body.
  3. Thesis Statement that compels the visitor to read and know more about the topic

A hook and thesis statement are the attention-seeking components of the intro paragraph. Students often feel difficulty in choosing a perfect statement for an argumentative essay. If you are also going through such a situation, buying an essay online from our experts is the perfect solution for you

Not only this, this article will help you decide on the best statement and make your essay compelling

For the thesis, a controversial statement is the best that describes an argumentative essay's introduction. It provokes the readers' interest, excites them to read the whole essay, and convinces them to make their opinions. Your statement should highlight the context of a complete essay which is elaborated completely in detail later on in the body of the text.

A strong, opinionated, declarative statement performs as the best hook for argumentative essays. It helps the reader agree or disagree with the context. He reads the complete essay hoping to get valid Information backed by research on any topic.

Here are some examples of best-performing hooks and thesis statements for starting an argumentative essay;

  1. "Psychology says everyone must have lied at least once in their lives due to…"
  2. "Should teachers be allowed to use laptops in the classroom?"
  3. "True friendship is when you have a comfortable talk with your friend. No, this is not true."
  4. "Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death nowadays."

Make sure you have enough data, scientific facts, figures, and research to back your statement.

Besides these statements, you can also use some exciting phrases in the sentences of the introduction of argumentative essays, for example,

  • According to
  • In addition to this.
  • With that being said
  • Proposed that
  • The issue is focused on
  • In contrast to
  • Emphasized upon

Writing an argumentative essay with a compelling introduction is a complete art. A hook and thesis statement is crucial in making your beginning compelling. Students often ask how to write a hook and find a perfect statement for an essay. Most of them feel worried and unconfident for multiple reasons, which is why they ask our professionals at Buyessayonline.us to complete their essays perfectly. Feel no more worries; give you details and leave the rest to professionals.