How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay- Step-by-Step Guide

In your academic career, every student must come across different kinds of essays. We learn the steps to write these essays. Here we will discuss an argumentative essay and how to write an argumentative essay step by step. An essay is split into argumentative essays. It is one of the categories of essays in academic writing. Students usually find it harder to deal with an argumentative essay. So, no need to worry. This article is a complete guideline for writing an argumentative essay.

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After going through this article, you will be able to write a perfect argumentative essay.

What Is An Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is written in which students put effort to persuade readers to get their point of view on any argument through various proofs and evidence. It also includes making your reader think the way you think and write about a certain topic. We cover both aspects of the thesis statement or topic in an argumentative. Essay writers usually dominate one side and suppress the other side. And sometimes maintain the balance between both sides.

A perfect argumentative essay consists of the following key points

  • Explanation of issues from all angles

  • Persuade readers to acknowledge the argument

  • Student investigations and a lot of research

  • Evaluation of events

  • Take a position on given thesis statement

The Main Purpose Of An Argumentative Essay

The main purpose of an argumentative essay is to retain the position of a given thesis statement by giving evidence and research from authentic sources. It has two purposes which are below

  • Change the reader's mind about any argument thoroughly and provide authentic evidence, facts, and figures.

  • Persuade readers to accept the new argument or concept which the writer presents through his research.

Can You Use The First Person In An Argumentative Essay

While hitting words on paper of an argumentative essay, essay writers are confused about whether to use a first-person, second-person, or third-person narrator? Using first-person narration in an argumentative essay is not much appreciated. However, we can use first-person only in that condition in which it is mentioned that you use your personal opinion.

Avoid using phrases like "I think," "I believe," "I guess," or "I suggest" unless you are not instructed.

Types Of Argumentative Essays

An argumentative is further classified into four types. The subdivision of an argumentative essay is listed below

  • Persuasive essays

  • Research paper

  • Analysis essays

  • Personal essays

  1. Persuasive Essays

A persuasive essay comes under the categories of argumentative essays. It gives an argument and aims to persuade the reader to accept the argument which the writer mentions in his writing. It usually begins with the writer's point of view in which he proves his point by providing valid data and information through his research and giving evidence

  • For instance

You might get the task of writing on the topic "Pros and cons of online education" here; the writer will try to prove his point by giving evidence

  1. Research Paper

An argumentative essay takes help from external sources to describe the original argument. While dealing with an argumentative essay, the balance should be mentioned; it goes for research that should be updated, valid and clear. To support an argument writer goes for multiple types of research.

  1. Analysis Essays

The argumentative analysis is used to analyze the argument of another author

  1. Personal Essays

An argumentative personal essay doesn't require research; rather, only the author's personal opinion and experience are involved to clarify the main argument. The author can conduct research only on this case to support his opinion.

Steps Included In A Good Argumentative Essay

Following are the steps included in a good argumentative essay:

  • The first step we have to follow while writing a good argumentative essay is selecting a suitable title.

  • After selecting a suitable title, the next step is to add an introduction.

  • Furthermore, comes the body paragraphs. We have three body paragraphs. Body should contain claims and counterclaim.

  • In the end, we have to write a conclusion. The conclusion includes a closing sentence.

Argumentative Essay Elements

For writing an effective argumentative essay writer should follow certain elements. Following are the argumentative essay elements;

  • Evidence and Rhetoric

  • Thesis statement

  • Research

  • Counterargument

  • Writing Style

Important Points For Writing An Effective Argumentative Essay

  1. A precise thesis statement in the first paragraph.

  2. Logical facts and reasons which support the thesis statement.

  3. Suitable examples or evidence which elaborates the points.

  4. A perfect argumentative essay must provide evidence.

How Long Should An Argumentative Essay Be

Writing an argumentative essay, writers get confused about the length of the essay? They are not sure what word choice in an argument essay should be. As a matter of standard, an argumentative is usually 3 to 5 pages, which might cover 5 or more paragraphs.

Sentence Starters For Argumentative Essays

Whenever we start writing any piece of writing, what terrifies students is how to start the writing stuff. Same difficulty students face in argumentative essay writing. So for student ease, we will provide you, with sentence starters, for argumentative essays which are following.

  • Opponents of this idea claim/maintain that…

  • Those who disagree/ are against these ideas may say/ assert that…

  • Some people may disagree with this idea,

  • Some people may say that…however…

  • They claim that…since…

  • However,

  • On the other hand,

  • But,

  • They have a point in thinking like that.

  • To a certain extent, they are right

  • After seeing this evidence, there is no way we can agree with this idea

  • Their argument is irrelevant to the top

Examples Of Good Arguments

In school or college, students are asked to write an argumentative essay. Clear, logical, and convincing essays come under the category of good argumentative essays. It should be valid and have true premises.

Here is an example of a good argumentative essay that students are assigned. All whales are mammals. All mammals are warm-blooded. So all whales are warm-blooded.

GOOD: We have here an example of a logical and irrefutable argumentation

Persuasive Vs Argumentative Essay

Students usually misinterpret an argument essay with the other type of essay, i.e., a persuasive essay topics. Though they have some similarities, an argumentative is slightly different from a persuasive essay. One of the big differences between them is that a persuasive essay is concerned with personal opinion and emotion; on the other hand, unlike a persuasive essay, an argumentative essay deals with logic and reasons, facts and figures.

Persuasive Essay

Argumentative Essay

Attempts to convince the reader to accept the writer’s idea as true by statistics, facts and figures, etc.

Attempts to convince the reader to agree with the writer by using emotions and personal ideas, etc.

Based on logic and reason

Based on emotions and personal opinions.

Acknowledging opposing views.

May not acknowledge opposing view.

Appeals to the mind of the readers.

Appeals to the hearts of the readers.

The writer needs to do thought research before starting.

A writer can write without much research.

A writer doesn't need to know the audience.

A writer has certain knowledge about the audience.

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The Conclusion Of An Argumentative Essay Must Include

The last step in creating an argumentative essay is the conclusion. After dealing with the main body of the essay question arises what should the conclusion of an argumentative essay include. The closing sentences of an argumentative essay must include revising. In this process, the writer reviews his essay and checks its grammar. In the conclusion of an argumentative essay, the author should review his essay.

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