How to Write an Argumentative Essay Outline & Format Example

Outline and format play an essential role in any sort of writing, including academic writing. After being well aware of what should be written in an argumentative essay, we come across the next question: outline and format of the argumentative essay. An outline can be defined as an organized list of salient points of the essay, and the format is something in which to arrange things in order.

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An argumentative essay is started in a certain pattern. It follows the outline and format. In this way, readers can easily get the image that the writer wants to present in their essay.

Format For Argumentative Essay

Now comes toward what things the format of an argumentative contains. Normally in an outline of an argumentative essay, there are five paragraphs. On the basics of different features, we categorize these paragraphs.

These paragraphs can be named as

  1. Introduction

  2. Three-body paragraphs

  3. Conclusion

Outline For Writing An Argumentative Essay

Here is the format of how to format an argumentative essay. We have given below the outline for writing an argumentative essay;

  • Introduction Of An Argumentative Essay

The introduction of an argumentative essay is further categorized into subsections which are given below

  1. Hook statement

Hook's statement aims to grab the attention of the reader. It includes that sentence that leads the other essay. Hook statements can also be fed with an interesting question, some quotations, or an intriguing idea. It persuades readers to sit constantly and start reading your whole essay.

  1. Background Information

When we grab the attention of our readers, the next step is to enlighten the readers with background knowledge. It should not contain the content which will be mentioned in the main body of the essay. Background information covers the following questions

  • What is the matter we are going to talk about in the essay?

  • Who are your readers?

  • Why is it essential to discuss that issue?

  1. Thesis Statement

The thesis statement includes the closing sentence of the introductory paragraph. The central point of the argument is mentioned in the thesis statement. It often has emphatic language, i.e., should, ought, and must.

  • Body Paragraphs Of An Argumentative Essay

Body paragraphs of an argumentative essay guide usually have the paragraphs(three or more) that comprise the reason why we elaborate the thesis.

Different ideas are presented in each paragraph. All paragraphs of body paragraphs consist of the following things:

  1. Topic sentence

Topic sentence explains why the reader should accept your argument. It consists of the main sub-argument.

  1. Claim

After writing your topic sentence, next, we add a claim in the body paragraph. We connect the main sub-argument with the thesis statement.

  1. Evidence

After adding the claim, we add knowledge from outer sources that further clarify the thesis statement

  1. Concluding statement

After dealing with the addition of the claim and evidence, we close the body paragraph with a concluding statement.

  • Conclusion Of An Argumentative Essay

The final part, which is included in the outline of an argumentative essay, is a conclusion. The conclusion of an argumentative essay comprises a summary of the main argument mentioned in all the above body paragraphs of the argumentative essay. A good conclusion doesn't include the new idea or argument rather depends on the old idea or argument. In the end, we can add the thought-provoking statement, just like the introductory paragraph concluding paragraph is also very essential.

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Outline For Writing An Argumentative Essay - Template Example

A sample outline for an argumentative essay is presented in the table below;



Step 1; Introduction

  • Paragraph One (Introduction):

  • Attention-seeking hook statement linked to the topic.

  • Add background knowledge on the given topic.

  • Thesis statement

Step 2; Body Paragraphs

  • Paragraph Two: First Assertion: 2-3 pieces of evidence

  • Paragraph Three: Second Assertion: 2-3 pieces of evidence

  • Paragraph Four: Final Assertion: 2-3 pieces of evidence

  • Paragraph Five: Discuss and refute one or two opposing arguments.

Step 3: Conclusion

  • Paragraph Six (conclusion):

  • Restate your thesis.

  • Summarize your main points from paragraphs two, three, and four.

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