Outline For Expository Writing - Explained With Examples

In our daily life, whenever we come across a different piece of writing, for developing interest in writing and for the best piece of writing, we must follow a certain outline. An outline aims to provide the important points of the topic. Without an outline, any work is not structured and unorganized.

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Therefore to make your written work well structured and organized, take help from the outline. Before starting any piece of writing, it is mediatory to mention an outline to present it logically and systematically. In basic types of essays, an expository essay is one of them. It tends to explain the given topic, which exposes the information of the interesting expository essay topics. A well-structured piece of writing follows an outline for expository writing, which is given before the start of the essay.

Purpose Of Expository Essay Outline:

The main purpose of an expository essay outline is to favor a guideline before reading the whole essay. Before starting the expository essay, many ideas are floating in your mind. To give that flow of ideas a sequence, you outline your other writing process. It makes the stream of ideas flow.

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How To Outline An Expository Essay:

An outline is usually the same for all types of essay writing; however, the difference lies in the content of each type. Learn more about how to start an expository essay that shines at your academic level. There are three steps included in an expository essay outline below.

  • Introduction:

Introduction while writing any written material: including an expository essay is the first impression of your writing that you imply on your consumers.

The following three points are included at the beginning of the expository writing,

  • Hook statement:

To grab the consciousness of readers, we use a hook statement. Write the first line of the essay so attractive and relevant that readers feel pleasure or get a bundle of knowledge.

For instance:

What are the effects of social media on the young generation?

This sentence is eye-catching and grabs the intention of the reader and encourages them to read the further details.

  • Background Knowledge:

For the reader's clear understanding, enlighten the reader with some background knowledge, facts and figures on the given topic.

For example:

While writing an essay writer will provide the background of social media and its pros and cons.

  • Informative Thesis Statement:

The informative thesis statement helps readers know what the writer will foreshadow in the essay. It presents a summary that explains the upcoming elaboration of the essay.

  • Make The Body Paragraphs Of Expository Writing:

Body paragraph of expository writing has great significance. It consists of all the salient points and arguments of the essay. It is a sandwich between the launch paragraph and the closing paragraph. In body paragraph three or sometimes more than three paragraphs are included. Each paragraph presents its clear idea and is introduced by the topic sentence. Different aspects of the topic have been covered in each paragraph of the essay. These paragraphs should contain the following points:

  1. Topic sentence

  2. Factual evidence

  3. Your analysis

  4. Good translation sentences

  • Paragraph I:

Point/argument 1 with the supporting argument.

  1. Here we write the first main idea that tends to elaborate on the topic of the essay.

  2. After that, we add some supportive evidence.

  3. Furthermore, explanations of the idea then add a suitable example.

  4. Moreover, we add an analysis of the evidence.

  5. Then we conclude the above remarks.

  • Paragraph II:

Repeat the same procedure mentioned above.

  • Paragraph III:

Repeat the same procedure mentioned above.

  • Conclusion:

After completing the launching paragraph and three sandwich body paragraphs, the bottom step is writing the conclusion. The conclusion also plays a significant role in the expository essay as other components play. The conclusion summarizes the salient points that we have already mentioned in the essay. In the conclusion of the expository essay, we are supposed to stick to ideas, evidence, and thought mentioned in the above essay body without introducing some new concept. Make your conclusion thought-provoking for readers.

In short, there are five paragraphs included in the expository essay.

Expository Essay Outline Example:

Expository Essay Outline

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