How To Write A Good Expository Essay - Complete Guide

Writing an essay is one of the most daunting tasks students have ever experienced in their academic careers. While dealing with your academic writing, you come across different essays. An expository essay is one of them. Many students face difficulties in writing essays, including expository essays. Writing an expository essay is not a piece of cake. We can make a perfect expository essay only when we can recognize what should be included, as every essay has different attributes/characteristics.

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After reading this blog/article, you will have a clear idea/image of writing a good expository essay. You will possess the ability to know about its procedure as well.

How To Define Expository Essay

The term expository originated from the word "expose." which can be defined as "make(something) visible by uncovering it" or "reveal the true, objectionable nature of (something or someone). " A certain topic is researched and then explained in this type of essay. In the same manner, it can be defined as it provides a clear image of an event, a place, or experience, evaluating the evidence. The centre of the expository writing is to elaborate on the facts. It deals with factual knowledge. Cause and effects are also judged in it.

How To Start An Expository Essay

Writing the beginning of any essay is not like walking in the park. Essay writing is slightly contrasting from writing a book, poem, or article. We follow certain patterns and steps to write essays. To write an essay likewise, an expository essay also opens stepwise, not randomly. However, the common thing in all kinds of writing is that they all involve seeking readers' intentions. The expository essay starts with an introduction like any other type of essay. It grasps the reader's intention and gives a brief intro to the topic. Start it with an outline view of our expository essay outline example.

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Steps Include In An Expository Essay

Moreover, the following are the steps involved in writing an expository essay;

  1. Select a topic for your writing

  2. Research in expository essay

  3. Give a suitable example

  4. Outline

  5. Craft thesis statement for expository essay

  6. Body paragraphs of expository Writing

  7. Write the conclusion of an expository essay

  8. Proofread

  • Select A Topic For Your Writing

To begin with, we are given a topic by our mentor, or sometimes we are free to write an essay on the topic of our choice. So the first step is to choose a topic for your writing. It is very clear that we should select a topic for essay writing. You can check our expository essay best topics.

  • For instance

You are given the topic "Elabroat why teenagers must get a driver's license." Here the topic is provided to make an expository essay.

  • Research In Expository Essay

After selecting the topic, the next move is to research data. Search some material related to the topic given. Gather raw material and then give it the order systemically. As in the essay, we must provide factual knowledge to collect the data; we require research.

  • Body paragraph For Expository Writing

There are three body paragraphs in this type of essay. Factual knowledge should be carried out throughout the paragraphs.

  • Outline

After research work, make an organized outline to run the essay smoothly. Outlining is very useful in writing essays. It preserves the sequence of main points discussed in the essay.

  • Craft Thesis Statement For Expository Essay

One of the significant parts of the essay is to craft thesis statements for expository writing. It introduces the main feature/point and what we will write further in the essay.

  • Give Suitable Example

Don't forget to add suitable examples in your writing. Give suitable examples in writing to turn it into a more transparent model for the readers.

  • Conclusion Of The Expository Essay

After three-body portions, the next portion will be of conclusion. Writing a conclusion is the essential component of the essay. It includes a summary of the above portion and wraps up the main idea and theme in the end. While writing conclusions, take a mentor from the introductory paragraph. Set your reader comfortable and feel good, and enjoy reading your conclusion.

  • Proofread

Lastly, after finishing your expository writing, you must proofread your work to check any mistakes you made unconsciously or consciously.

Transition Words For Expository Writing

  • To begin

  • Firstly

  • Fro one thing

  • In addition

  • Equally important

  • Another reason

  • Likewise

  • After that

  • Afterward

  • Not long after that

  • Looking back

Why Is Expository Writing Important:

No doubt, the expository essay has great significance. The main focus of an expository essay is that it

  • emphasizes the main topic

  • clarity,

  • coherence,

  • unity,

  • makes discussion on the relevant topic

  • Communicates knowledge to readers

It gives information less like creative writing.

What Is The Purpose Of An Expository Essay?

The main aim of the essay is to elaborate on a given topic systematically and logically. The purpose of it is to enlighten the reader with data and information. Some of the other purposes of it are

  • To Provide information

  • Elaborate things in detail

  • Define things

Types Of Expository Essay:

Following are some categories of expository essay

  1. Problem and Solution

  2. Cause and Effect

  3. Compare and Contrast

  4. Definitions and Classification

  5. How-to/Process

Problem And Solution:

Here, we point out the problem, give many solutions, and come out with one of the best solutions. Here we listed several solutions and highlighted the best one. It consists of four components;

  • Situation

  • Problem

  • Solution

  • Evaluation,

For instance, we are given the topic of the unemployment rate worldwide. After explaining the problem of unemployment, the writer will suggest the best solution for overcoming unemployment worldwide.

Cause And Effect:

There are two important questions involved in it are given below:

  • What is the cause of anything which happens/why does anything happen?

  • What is the impact of that cause?/what effect does it have?

  • For example,

We are given the topic of global warming; first, we will discuss the cause of global warming then move toward its effects. Another topic impact of climate change on people's lives can come under the category of this type of essay.

Compare And Contrast;

It is the combination of two points which are given below

  • Comparison

  • Contrast

In addition, in comparison, we note down the similarities of different subjects/contents/entities, while in contrast, we deal with differences between different subjects/contents/entities.

Definitions And Classification:

The name suggests that it introduces us to the depiction and explanation of a given topic; apart from depiction and explanation, it also involves types/categories of any given topic. It can be summed up

  • Definitions (define + explanation)

  • Classification ( types/categories/parts)


How-to/process essay lets you know about the task and the process. You are given a certain task, and then you have to draw a procedure on how to perform that task. It concerns the step-to-step method.

When Should You Write An Expository Essay?

In academic careers, we may encounter expository writing as our class task, questions in exams or class assignments, etc. We get assignments on expository essays; sometimes, it is not instructed directly; however, we guess it from the keywords that signal we have to write an expository essay. It means we have to explain things in an expository.

How Long Is An Expository Essay?

The length of essays varies based on the type of essay. Usually, it consists of 5 paragraphs; the first paragraph is an introduction, then three body paragraphs sandwich between the introduction and conclusion paragraphs; furthermore, the last paragraph is of conclusion. It is usually shorter in length and requires less research. The word limits for writing an expository essay are 500 to 800 words.

Difference Between An Expository Essay And An Argumentative Essay

In addition, in an argumentative essay, apart from providing information, a writer is free to add their opinion and his/her ideas and thoughts. Unlike the argumentative essay, an expository essay is not allowed to add the writer's personal opinion; rather, it only enlightens with factual knowledge and point of view in it remains constant.

The table below depicts an argumentative essay and an expository difference.

An argumentative essay

An expository essay:

  • usually lengthy.

  • Depending on the research work

  • It is subjective.

  • Aims to persuade readers to accept the ideas and beliefs

  • Involves first-person narrator

  • It usually has a short length.

  • Deals with less research work.

  • It is objective

  • Blesses readers with knowledge about certain topics.

  • Involves a third-person narrator.

How To Conclude An Expository Essay?

Once you are done with the body of your essay, there comes a conclusion. Don't confuse what should be included and excluded at the end of the essay. At the same time, work on your conclusion instead of introducing new information, including the essay's main points. In other words, you summarize the essay in a few lines.

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